• Overview of Services Sector in Mauritius

    Schedule of Commitments




    WTO Contact & Enquiry Point                                                                 SADC Services Contact Point                                          SADC National Contact Point
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Cooperation (International Trade Division)
    3rd and 4th Floor, Fooks House
    Bourbon Street
    Tel:  (230) 208 9954
    Fax:  (230) 212 6368
    Email:  motas@intnet.mu
     Mr Assad Bhuglah (Director)
    Trade Division
    3rd Floor, Fooks House
    Bourbon Street,
    Port-Louis, Mauritius
    Tel: (230) 213 8236 / 2138241
    Fax: (230) 213 8273
    E-mail: motas@intnet.mu
            Cc: abhuglah@mail.gov.mu
    CC: Mrs. F. Pokun
           Tel: (230) 213 8241
    Email: fpokun@mail.gov.mu
     Mr. Anund Priyay Neewoor, G.O.S.K
    SADC National Contact Point
    Secretary for Foreign Affairs
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade
    9th Floor, Newton Tower Port Louis, Mauritius
    Fax:    (+230) 212-3220
    Tel:     (+230) 405-2517
    Email:            aneewoor@mail.gov.mu
    CC                  mofarc@intnet.mu