• Construction services in SADC countries are key infrastructural services and a tool for upgrading welfare. The sector contributes between 3 - 13% of GDP and about 5% of employment across SADC economies. More than half of the construction activities in the region are under government procurement in infrastructure development programs. Many SADC countries are net importers of construction services from other developing countries such as China and South Africa.

    Construction services as classified by the WTO in W120, include general construction work for building, general construction work for civil engineering, installation and assembling work and completion and finishing works. The W120 classification covers construction services (under CPC 511-518) in its broad perspective in terms of different types of construction and the stages thereof, separate from interrelated architectural, engineering integrated engineering, urban planning and landscape architectural services, and other engineering and services as under CPC 8671-8674; although the name of the sector is construction and related engineering services. may tempt readers to conclude that the two services falls under one class. Click here for more explanation by WTO on the classification of construction services.