• Negotiations among SADC Member States

    Regional Negotiations among SADC Member States

    The SADC trade in services programme was launched in Maseru, Lesotho in 2000. In 2001, Ministers of Trade agreed on six sectors (communication, construction, energy related, financial services, tourism and transport services) to be a priority for the SADC services programme. The Protocol on Trade in Services was signed by the Heads of State/Goverment in August 2012, in Maputo Mozambique.

    The Protocol contains general obligations on Member States, such as on transparency, granting of most favourite nation status, and domestic regulation, but does not by itself result for any market access for SADC service suppliers. Instead, it provides a framework for progressive removal of barriers to trade in services in successiful rounds of negotiations. The 1st Round of Negotiations covers the six priority sectors (communication services, construction services, energy-related services, financial services, tourism services and transport services).The 1st Round was launched in April 2012 and it is expected to be concluded in 2015. Member States adopted a Road Map of Negotiations in April 2012 and it was reveiwed in November 2013. Click here (EN) (FR) or (PT) to downlowd a copy of the Road Map towards the Conclusion of the 1st Round of Negotiations.

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