• SADC Protocols relevant for Trade in Services

    SADC Protocols relevant for Trade in Services

    While the Protocol on Trade in Services provides a framework for liberalizing trade in the services sectors through market access and national treatment commitments, several SADC Protocols and legal instruments provide for a regional development agenda in those sectors.  The Protocols typically identify areas for cooperation between Member States, and address certain regulatory aspects with a view to promoting socio-economic development in the region. The design of the SADC Trade in Services Protocol takes into account the existence of such sectoral protocols and it is envisaged to complement their objectives by facilitating trade in services among SADC Member States.  Follow the links below to download the respective Protocols.

    According to Article 22(4) of the SADC Treaty as amended in 2009, all Protocols enter into force 30 days after deposit of the instruments of ratification by two-thirds of its Member States. Click here for the status of signature and ratification of SADC Protocols as of July 2011.