• 41st TNF-Services Meeting to be held virtually from 11-14 May 2021

    The Protocol on Trade in Services provides for successive rounds of negotiation on liberalisation commitment. The first round of negotiation started in April 2012 covers six priority sectors (communication services, construction services, energy-related services, financial services, tourism services and transport services).In addition, Article 26 of the Protocol provides for development of any necessary Annexes that will facilitate its implementation and in this regard Member States agreed to negotiate sectoral annexes that will promote pro-competitive regulation of the respective sectors.

    The 30th CMT meeting held on 23rd July 2018 in Pretoria, South Africa, adopted Member States' final offers in communication, financial, tourism and transport service. The adopted offers i.e. Lists of Commitments are complemented by three cross-cutting Annexes i.e. Movement of Natural persons - Mode 4, Substantial Business Operations and Subsidies; and three sectoral Annexes on Financial, Telecommunication and Tourism Services. On 14th June 2019 at the 31st meeting held in Windhoek, Namibia, the CMT adopted of Member States' List of Commitments in Construction and Energy-related Service; and the Annex on Postal and Courier Services which provides for key pro- competitive regulatory principles for this sub-sector. Marking the end of the First Round, the CMT directed the Secretariat and Member States to embark on preparatory phase towards the second Round of Negotiations, prioritizing business and distribution services. The preparatory program include preparation of Negotiating Guidelines for the Second Round as required by article of the Protocol on Trade in Services, and commissioning of studies for the remaining services sectors namely business services; distribution services; educational services; environmental services; health and related services; and recreational, cultural and sporting services. Also, regional and national stakeholder consultative meetings/workshops are expected to be held through out the process. It is expected that the second round will begin during 2021 after the adoption of the Negotiating Guidelines.

    The Secretariat is organizing the 41st TN-services meeting which will be held virtually  from 11-14 May 2021 for halfway i.e. 08-12hrs Central African Time. Below is a list of the documents for the meetings in the three official languages. To download and print in your language of choice, click EN for English, FR - French and PT - Portuguese.

    41st TN-Services Meeting 11-14 May 2021

    1. Administrative Note EN FR PT

    2. Draft Program EN FR PT

    3. Draft Agenda EN FR PT

    4. Draft Annotated Agenda EN FR PT

    5. Draft SADC Negotiating Guidelines for the 2nd Round EN FR PT

    6.Legal Opinion - provisional application of the Protocol on Trade in Services EN FR PT

    7. Business Guide EN

    8. Draft Roadmap -Second Round of SADC TIS Negotiations EN FR PT

    9. Report of the 40th TN-Services Meeting EN FR PT

    10. Draft Report - Study on Business Services EN

    11. Study on Distribution Services - PowerPoint Slides EN

    12.Study on Health Services - PowerPoint Slides EN