• Overview of Trade in Services in Botswana

    Schedule of commitments



    WTO Contact & Enquiry Point                                                                                     SADC National Contact Point                                 
    Ms. Kelebogile Maureen Lekaukau

    Chief Trade Officer

    Ministry of Trade

    Tel:  00267 3190243

    Fax:  00267 3188380

    E-mail: [email protected];
                 [email protected]

     Dr. Taufila Nyamadzabo
     SADC National Contact Point
    Secretary for Economic and Financial Policy
    Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
    Private Bag 008 Gaborone, Botswana
    Tel: (+267) 3950372/ 3959851
    Fax: (+267) 3956086/390452
        CC: [email protected]
             [email protected]