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    SADC programme on trade in services through negogiating "the Protocol on Trade in Services" since 2002, which is still a draft pending for signature by Heads of States and Govenment after clearance by a Committee of Minister of Justices/ Atorney Generals. While the Procol provide a framework for trade in services in the region, specific liberalization commitment will be negotiated as annex to the protocol along side with mutual regognition agreements. According to the draft Protocol, negotiations on liberalization commitment shall be conducted through rounds of negotiations in line with the Negotiating and Scheduling Guidelines, to be adopted in round of negotiations.

    Member States agreed to start negiations on liberalization commitments in six priority sectors, such as communication services, construction services, energy related services, financial services, tourism and transport services. The first round of negotiations on liberalization commitment, will be launched on 2nd April 2012, and shall be in line with a roadmap to be adopted in that meeting and the Negotiating and Scheduling Guideline for the first round.

    Visit the page on SADC Negotiations for more information about services negotiation programmes. Browse below for general studies, research, papers, presentations etc. on SADC trade in services.